Cultivating Foodies From Birth

Provider & Patient


Physician Partnership

Rates starting at $550/Day

Baby Foodie is the nutrition solution for growing healthy babies. We partner with physician offices to deliver experts and education in a turnkey experience at your location. Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) have extensive professional and personal experience in all facets of nutrition. Our patient sessions focus on prenatal nutrition, breastfeeding, and infant feeding.


The cost for our partnership program is a nominal flat fee per day. Patient sessions can be scheduled as individual, small group (2-3), large group (4-8) or an assortment of groupings throughout the day.  Our appointments can be conveniently held in a patient room, break room or foyer. The physician partnership investment is low... the benefits are priceless.


Why Chose Us

Patient Benefits
- Trusted nutrition information
- Convenient scheduling
- Known location

Provider Benefits
- Increased patient service offerings
- Opportunity for increased revenue
- Turnkey nutrition counseling
- More time for doctor-patient interaction
- Flat fee per scheduled day